The Flevans band and DJ set with live PA are now bookable.

February 10, 2019


Performing brand new singles and much loved classic Flevans tunes, the 5 piece (drums, keys, bass, guitar and vocals) are now available for booking! I have the honour of joining the guys, singing not only my own songs featured with Flevans but some absolute stonkers from other featured artists too. Excited!

Who are they?

Flevans – The man of the moment – Guitar

JJ Maurage – Keys

Vinnie Lammi – Drums

Greg Houghton – Bass

Laura Vane – Vocals



However, in understanding a full live line up is not always possible, we don’t want that to come between us. DJ sets and a live vocal PA are also available. Always a crowd pleaser, it’s nice to get up close and personal. This will be Flevans and yours truly.


For more information – Flevans – DJ Promo


For all live enquiries / bookings, please contact:

[email protected]

or use the Contact page at



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