New releases with Flevans, Jalapeno Records

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Happy New Year! Happy New Music! Happy New Collaborations!

Woaaahhhh there… Okay, okaaaayyy it’s been a while. I understand. You’re mad. You’re upset I haven’t called or returned your texts. I haven’t emailed you to let you know about my live dates and what stages I’ll be performing on, in which country. You’re confused. You thought you found me, but then it all went silent. And calm.

Well. I ‘m here to say I’m sorry for that. It’s been a while. Not too long. But a little while.

Q. What have you been doing? A. Raising children and making major life-changing decisions, hourly.

Enough of that.


Do you know Flevans? Maybe you should.

He’s responsible for putting out some cracking music on labels such as Tru Thoughts, LOA Records, Jack to Phono and now Jalapeno Records. This multi-instramentalist (less of a mentalist), producer and talented songwriter is based on the south coast of the UK and as luck would have it, literally at the end of my road. We bumped into each other. We spoke extremely quickly about what had been happening over the previous decade, and then we decided to get back in the studio. Yes. Unfinished business. The guy is incredibly clever when it comes to sticking beats and bass lines together. What can I say, that’s just bait. Thrilled with the new connection, we’ve been busy ever since.

Find out more about FLEVANS.

“Having released acclaimed records on several of the UK’s hottest independent labels over a career spanning nearly 15 years, Flevans has already graced the decks across the globe taking in venues such as 18th Street Lounge (Washington DC), Turntables On The Hudson (New York), Friends & Family (Tokyo), Days Like This (Sydney) and the MTV Cannes Film Festival Party.”



Who’s Got Me – Flevans Featuring Laura Vane

This is out on Jalapeno Records 21st September, already getting love from BBC Radio 6 and popping up on blogs all over.

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Ex-Factor – Flevans Featuring Laura Vane

Released on 23rd November as a B side to the brilliant ‘It Just Goes’ featuring Sarah Scott. A well loved Lauryn Hill cover, we felt it was time to dress it up for a new generation. 

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What’s coming next?

Flevans has a whole heap of beautiful vocalists on his hugely anticipated new album ‘Part Time Millionaire‘ due for release in mid March 2019. So there will be a sprinkle of singles cascading down until the album finally drops. For myself and Flevans, we are very excited to be launching the new single ‘Invisible’ along with the brand spanking new video!!